Nonessential Media is here for your "nonessential needs." Setting out to do nothing more than entertain you during your morning commute, workout routine, or while doing the dishes. We won't pretend that we're going to educate you or change your life. Sometimes, the best entertainment is the kind that just makes you smile.

While some say that's nonessential to your life, we're here to prove how good it can be for you.

Our goal is to create relationships. Not just between listener and creator, but to form a unique community where nothing is taken too seriously and laughter is used as a way to reach a deeper connection with each other. We hope to create an ever growing and evolving catalog of content.

We are dedicated to making our world a better place. It is our hope that through Nonessential Media we can make that happen. Whether its by making you laugh, encouraging you to be your best self, or through charity and active volunteering, it is our number one goal in this life.

We would be nothing without your support. Thank you for being a part of this adventure.

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